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The Desert Cloud Workshop was initiated by NatHalie Braun Barends over 10 years ago. While working on a series of paintings (using natural, light sensitive, colour pigments), several works revealed themselves as possible answers to the question: "If you were in the desert, how would you like to reach the clouds?"

At the same time, NatHalie was working on different socio-ecological projects, one with children of the Pastoral do Menor – Djalma in São Paulo. She decided to start a creativity workshop with them, focusing on the same question. The Desert Cloud Workshop was born.

In 1996, it led to an interactive exhibition of children's drawings at the Caracol Cultural Space at EXPO-FAU in the University of São Paulo, where visitors were invited to contribute.

Ever since, NatHalie has been asking the same question to thousands of people while travelling the world, encouraging them to represent how they would like to answer it in the form of their choice. Her purpose is to unleash creativity in oneself and to interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds on this poetic and dreamlike theme.

Ultimately, all answers will be published on this website, where some of the many drawings already gathered or those yet to come will be compiled, in a book or on a film. NatHalie will also use them as part of an original work of art.

You are also welcome to contribute with one or more drawings or text, and you may also attach a photograph if you please. Just click here to proceed.

Today, there are 248 contributors online with a total of 304 drawings and photos.

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