NatHalie Braun Barends HMap

NatHalie Braun Barends, also known as Petsiré, is a multidisciplinary artist with an international projection. Her work has been exhibited in renowned museums and cultural centres worldwide and is part of public and private collections.

NatHalie studied at l'Istituto per L'Arte e Ristauro in Florence, the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and she has a Masters degree in Communication and Arts from the University of São Paulo. She has been invited for various residencies in Canada, Spain and Germany. She has been awarded several prizes.

NatHalie does research on symbols, colours, materials, pigments, 3D and anthropology. She expresses herself in many forms of art: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video, installations and performances, as well as public art, architecture, lighting design and new technologies. She has also been working lately on Alioscopy, a cutting edge relief video technology.

Light has always been consubstantial to all her artistic expressions, be it conceptually or more literally in her latest works, like in " HHole for Mannheim " at Kunsthalle Mannheim.

Regardless her form of expression, NatHalie's art is always a representation of life in its many forms, rhythms, cycles and patterns, conveyed in a universal language. It is dynamic and invites the attentive observer to participate. It encourages the spectator to perceive the essence of life in him, the other, the environment and interconnections between all.

NatHalie conceived a symbol known as H Map, that has become a reference for her artistic expression. It is the visual representation of the intuitive philosophical concept she has been developing over the years.

NatHalie speaks 6 languages but art has been her favoured means of expression since her youngest age. Her cultural travels are important sources of reference and inspiration.

NatHalie participates in various socio-ecological projects. She also initiated H Life Foundation in New York, to enable benevolent people, benefactors and patrons of the arts from all over the world to work together in favour of cultural heritage.